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Feb 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
in city-states under the rule of petty kings. the scale of these greek communities, never far from the sea, made them vulnerable to attack from larger forces, but also threw them back on their resources of fitness, strength, intelligence, calculation, and above all, individual heroism. the idea of the individual standing proudly independent is one of the most powerful and resilient ideas in human history. the figure of the kouros shows this idea taking the center of the stage. andrew stewart teaches at the university of california at berkeley. it's often said that statues like this are emblematic of early greek culture. i think they are for four reasons. the sculptor has taken the statue's clothes off. convinced that man is the measure of all things, he allows him to stand free and proud, allows your eyes to roam unobstructed across his body. he's autonomous. the sculptor has stripped away the back pillar and the screen between the legs of the egyptian statues that were his predecessors and has allowed him to walk forward in three-dimensional space. he's beautiful. he's also youthful. the
Feb 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
, maria cheremeteff, from city college of san francisco art deptment, welcome you here to this church. and i would like to invite you to a tour to step with me from this narthex, which is the entrance to the church, d then walk with me through the nave and then up and toward thsatuary barrier which is the icon ormage screen dividing the sanctuary where the ritual is performed from the nave where the congregation meets. and so would you follow me then on our tour. [music] to give a better history of this church, this magnificent structure, i have asked father anthony to give us the historical background of its construction and the design of the decorative program of the interior. maria, welcome to our church on brotherhood way. thank you. the greek orthodox church of holy trinity. and i understand that you want to know some things about our church. yes, i do. students come to me and ask, following their programs that they're watching on television for telecourse, what happens to art following the roman empire and they mean the fifth century a.d.? isn't there any art for the next 500 or
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am PST
taste of hollywood glamour as the city hosts its annual film festival. this time it's a politically charged u.s. film about the controversial practice of fracking that's drilling a lot of interest and probably didn't hurt that the film's star matt damon was on hand to discuss the matter. >> on day two of the berlin film festival hollywood descended on the festival. matt damon was the biggest name. >> if you sign this lease it gives us the right to work on your land. >> in order to get at the natural gas reserves underneath. >> you could be a millionaire. >> grapple with the dilemma whether to take the money or stick with their traditional ways. >> the town is going to put it to a vote in three weeks. >> what we really wanted to do was make a movie about american identity and the actual issue itself was secondary to wanting to explore the kind of where we are right now. >> for damon this is a project close to his heart. he wrote the screen play and wanted to direct the film. but with so many deadlines looming he passed that job on to van zant. they had already worked together on good
Feb 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
will provide more specific data later. i would like to address people living in our city to ask him to remain -- aks them t -- ask them to remain calm. >> recovery crews are assessing the full scale of the damage, and scientists are hunting for degree to discover more about the media or that exploded in the sky. >> as we mentioned, there is a much bigger piece of space rock headed for the earth right this minute, but this one is all but certain to miss. >> we certainly hope so. still, it is being called the closest flyby of an asteroid this size ever recorded. it will zoom past our planet at a distance of about 27,000 kilometers, closer than many communications satellites. if the 45-meter rocket hit the earth, it could wipe out entire city. earlier, we spoke to a representative from the institut for physics, and we asked if there could be any scientific connection whatsoever between today's brushes with the universe. >> no, there is no connection between these events. the two celestial bodies have a completely different orbit, so there cannot be a physical connection. >> do we know what happe
Feb 2, 2013 6:00am PST
ideology brandishes a 30-meter long concrete sword. from here, i can see the entire city as it sprawls 60 kilometers along the volga. i encounter a group of soldiers on their way to the hall of honor and the eternal flame. the soldiers are wearing warm felt boots. it is just as cold inside as out, minus 17 degrees celsius. they want to lay flowers. let's go, says his granddaughter. >> he says he wishes to be alone for a moment. i go outside to take a look around the sculpture park. after the moving experience of the hall of honor these oversized statues leave me cold, huge figures naked from the waist up, as if it had not been human beings that fought here, but god's. i wrote art should be as modest as the hero it honors. i am inclined to agree. for a drink he orders, in a bid to warm up the mood. so, to friends, to french among people, and may god give us good health. -- two friendship among people, may god give us good health. bottoms up. the second glass loosens the tongue. after the third, there is no more talking, just singing. ♪ [singing in russian] >> then, he leads everyone to a
Feb 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
they remember from their youth in a large city where their father was an army officer. their brother, andrei, is scholarly, naive, romantically interested in a village girl from the lower class. she is natalya, who is nervous about the impression she will make, worried about having worn the wrong clothes. i'm not used to being... other visitors include a doctor, an old friend of the family, an army colonel visiting the house for the first time, and two men trying to attract the youngest sister irina. they are the baron tuzenbach and another officer solyony. in this play, from time to time one character or another will make an announcement about himself and his beliefs or desires. we should not be surprised if the people nearby are not really listening. as you watch these characters in a scene revealing chehkov's unique style, suspend judgment about them until they reveal more about themselves. only an open-minded audience can give them this chance. for example, this is one of the sisters, masha, sitting near the table during the celebration of her younger sister irina's saint's day. ...borin
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)